Friday, March 5, 2010

Meep Pic Of The Week: Quid Pro Quo (2008)

Quid Pro Quo
A Magnolia Pictures release
Original Theatrical Release Date: June 13th, 2008
DVD Release: Yes

Directed by Carlos Brooks and starring Nick Stahl and current Oscar Nominee Vera Farmiga, Quid Pro Quo arrived to cinemas in a limited engagement and very little fanfare in 2008.

I discovered this picture once it hit home video, and I've watched it several times since. It's the kind of film that unlocks its mysteries on multiple viewings, and while I can understand that it's probably not a movie for everybody, I get something from it each time I see it.

Shot in New York City with a tiny budget, the filmmakers weave a complex tale of a paraplegic man who enters an underground world of (healthy) people obsessed with the idea of being handicapped. Call it a less horny cousin to David Cronenberg's Crash.

Part Drama, part Film Noir and even part Fantasy, QUID delivers a strange, somewhat eerie vibe throughout. Most interesting are the engaging, quirky performances from it's leads. Vera especially is a standout here. Do yourself a favor and skip the overrated Up In The Air and check out this strange little gem.

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