Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine & My 10 Favorite Films Of 1986 List

Hot Tub Time Machine ***

A fun time at the movies having a blast to the past. While not quite on the level of some of the more recent buddy comedies as this month's She's Out Of My League or last year's The Hangover, TUB makes a valid stake for a place in the drawer of 80's nostalgia. Although the leg warmer and jheri curl jokes are there, the picture plays more like a mis-mash of every 80's movie cliche. In addition to it's numerous references to Back To The Future (Crispin Glover even shows up to help foil the boys' density---Oops, I meant destiny---in Cinema's best running joke about a missing arm) you'll find tons of references to films of that decade. The references and sense of 80's movie recall are integral here and deeply ingrained in the film right down to it's crude directing and editing style. This might as well as be the lost sequel to Ski School.


On the down side the picture does bring a more modern sensibility of crass humor that doesn't always balance. Rob Corddroy goes a wee bit too over-the-top and the bodily fluid jokes are maybe one (probably two) too many. There's a sloppily put together romance sub-plot for John Cusack that never gels, but at least there's a fun John Hughes recall to come out of it. Special mention should go to Craig Robinson as Nick. His deadpan delivery is truly like no other. He totally stole this 80's lovin' movie show. Hopefully he gets more work outside of his rather wasted role on the why-hasn't-it-been-cancelled-by-now The Office.

See Hot Tub Time Machine if you have a guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure for films with copious amounts of drugs, partying, bare breasts, 80's music, zany jock villains and a general good time.

To celebrate the release of this 80's flashback, here's a visual list of my 10 favorite movie shows to come out of that very same year:

And special mention to my favorite guilty pleasure of 1986, the ever re-watchable:

I've gone this far... Here are my 10 Favorite Horror Movie Shows of 1986:


Morgan said...

I enjoyed Hot Tub Time Machine. Modern Girls, Night of the Creeps, Fire With Fire, April Fool's Day...Fantastic list!

Cinema Du Meep said...

Glad you liked it.

The Film Connoisseur said...

Wow, 86 was a good year for horror films! From Beyond, Psycho III and Night of the Creeps! All awesome.

And of course, Big Trouble in LIttle China, one of Carpenters best films. Im such a huge fan of Big Trouble! My friends and me are quoting it all the time, were always spewing Jack Burtons crazy one liners!

The Warfreak said...

Good stuff. I love Blue Velvet - it's my second favorite film (after Raging Bull) of that whole decade. Anyway, I want to issue you...


I am challenging you to make a post about the TEN MOVIES THAT HAVE INFLUENCED YOUR LIFE THE MOST. That is to say, ten movies that have shaped you as a person and a movie lover.

Here’s a link to the banner:

Feel free to split it up if you’d like, and challenge as many others as you'd like!

Castor said...

Welcome to LAMB!

Cinema Du Meep said...

Thanks Castor!

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