Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finally available On DVD... elsewhere

These movie show favorites have finally made it to DVD... Well, at least in another country. Since I have a multi-region DVD Player, I've been able to pick these up and enjoy:

Here's a sampling from The UK:

Full Screen/Pan 'n Scan in the US...Widescreen in The UK!

Special Editions in the UK not available in the US!


From Australia:

The Ambulance (Larry Cohen)
The Brink's Job (William Friedkin)
Deadly Blessing (Wes Craven)

Still Of The Night (Robert Benton)

Valentino (Ken Russell)

Avenging Force (1986)
Spellbinder (1988)
Prince Of Darkness - With Commentary.
The Dark Half - Widescreen.

From France:

Brian De Palma Annes 60

From Italy:

To Be Twenty
(Fernando Di Leo)
Savage Nights (Cyril Collard)


Jayson said...

I'm fairly certain the U.K. DVD of Prince of Darkness also has a commentary. The Carpenter/Piper commentary on the U.K. They Live is really great.

The Film Connoisseur said...

Ive always wanted to see Electric Dreams, it always gets a positive buzz...Im really curious for that one.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Oh is it Jayson? Excellent to know. It's more costly from Australia than The UK. I'll update that for work. Thank you!

I agree, the Piper/Carpenter commentary is very good. As are all the Russell/Carpenter commentaries as well.

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