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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Joe Strummer & The Clash

Oh how I miss thee... This is a mural near my job that I pass by all the time. I heart the clash. As for movie show time... I highly recommend the documentary JOE STRUMMER: THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN (2007) directed by the great Julian Temple (Filth & The Fury, Absolute Beginners)


The Warfreak said...

Nice mural.

I dig The Clash quite a bit. Never got as into them as I feel like I should, though. I've got Combat Rock, Live on Broadway, and a compilation album, but I really need to invest more in them.

John said...

Amazing band, one I'm sorry to say I'll never get to see in concert. Rude Boy was a pretty interesting movie as well.

FilmFather said...

I always think back to that nugget of philosophy Joe gave us in "The Magnificent Seven," which I think is more relevant than ever in today's disposable-pop, proud-to-be-dumb society:

"Plato the Greek, or Rin Tin Tin / Who's more famous to the billion millions?"

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