Saturday, November 7, 2009

DVD Evaders: So Fine (1981) & The Legend Of Billie Jean (1985)

2 very different yet equally entertaining 80's pictures make the list this week.

1981's SO FINE is a wacky comedy about a stuffy professor who's desperate to save his father's business and comes up with the idea of ass-less jeans. Only in the 80's would there be such a film released by a major studio! And it's actually pretty funny.

Andrew Bergman (Screenwriter for the superlative Fletch, The In-Laws and The Freshman) writes & directs.

1985's THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN takes the legend of Michael Kohlhaas, throws in some Joan Of Arc and gives it healthy doses of 80's teen angst and zaniness and what you get is a bonafide cult movie. To top it all off the great Pat Benatar song "Invincible" becomes the movie's anthem. Classic.

While the movie was bashed by critics of the time, those of us who grew up with this picture know better. Fair is fair!

***UPDATE*** So Fine has been released on DVD exclusively from Warner Archives!


Mitch said...

2 great movies!! My sister and I just watched Billie Jean a few weekends ago, and it still holds up. You are right this definitely needs to be on DVD!

Cinema Du Meep said...

Ask and ye shall receive! Just this week Warner Brothers (through their website) has released SO FINE on their Warner Archive line.

I am so buying this!


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