Thursday, October 29, 2009

31 days of October Terror: 10/29

Day 29: Number 3 is the lesser known gem Tourist Trap. Essentially a riff on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Trap takes things a bit further with a paranormal twist. This is the movie of my childhood that really creeped me the hell out. It scarred me for life, yet still entertains me to this day. And it's rated PG!! Ca-ra-zy. Essential viewing for fans of terror films with a personality.

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Matt-suzaka said...

I feel the same way about Tourist Trap....I watched it a few times when I was a kid and it scared the crap outta me. Caused me to have a mannequin phobia for many years.

I own it on DVD now and the film still holds up pretty well. There is a lot of quirkiness to it, but there is also a lot of very effective scares too.

The mannequins dropping their mouths open and making the AWWWWWWW sound is enough to make me change my undies.

Then there's the scene when Slausen is dressed up as the Abe Lincoln dude and plasters that girls face telling her that she will not die from suffocation, but from her heart exploding from...FEAR!! Awesome movie.

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