Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life's a Blood Beach (1981)

There are certain films from your childhood that really have an effect on you, and when when you get older, you of course are relatively unaffected by them. Still, you can never discount your original experience with the film.

1981's BLOOD BEACH scared the holy hell crap out of me as a kid (Just look at how terrifying that poster is for god's sake!) and I'll never forget those chills that ran up and down my spine. I was in an old movie theater in Times Square on that blistery cold and snowy January, so ever thankful I was as far away from the beach as you could get... Though there were plenty rats crawling beneath my feet under the seats, which should have really frightened me more that any movie could now upon reflection.

As far as Movie Theater scares go, 1983's CURTAINS, 1984'S CHILDREN OF THE CORN and 1979'S TOURIST TRAP managed to do similar numbers on my spine. Those were times in my young life that will not be forgotten, and I'm ever grateful to having seen those films in those dilapidated First and Second-Run Theaters.

Regardless of whether or not the BLOOD still holds up, I'll always have those memories... And if I do step foot on a beach with something crawling underneath, I better pray John Saxon will show up to rescue me.



TheKappa02 said...

Man I really want this movie A lot..

Anonymous said...

I also saw this at the theatre, Meep. It was a double-bill at the Drive-In with The Boogeyman, it scared me as well. Upon revisiting it, I discovered it was a load of crap....LOL. Meep, you must've been going to the movies when you were a tiny tyke, because you are younger than I, and I was small when I saw Tourist Trap.


Cinema Du Meep said...

As I always like to say... I was conceived in a movie theater... and i've been going since!

FilmFather said...

This is one of those flicks I was dying to see as a kid, but never did. (The pics I saw in some Fangoria knockoff were wicked!) But now I'm afraid to watch it because I'll be disappointed.

The question remains: Is there enough Saxon to salvage it? :)

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