Thursday, July 23, 2009

DVD Evaders: Something Special (AKA: Willy/Milly) (1986)

Anyone who's ever seen 1986's SOMETHING SPECIAL will remember it as just that. It's a charming little teenage fantasy that casts a spell over it's viewer.

Pamela Segall (as always) gives a very endearing performance as Milly, a girl who with the help of her younger brother (Seth Green) gets her unrealized dream of what it would be like to be the opposite sex to come true.

Some of the reactions of those around her are completely unexpected. Her parents and her best friend find themselves torn with the person they love and the new person she's become. There are genuine moments to be found throughout this film, and the movie has a knack of allowing you to completely buy into it's plot and enjoy Milly's adventure.

It's the kind of sweet natured movie that probably can't exist anymore in today's cynical movie world, but i'm so glad I got to see it as a youngster growing up. Hopefully there will be a DVD release one day, allowing this relatively obscure movie to get another chance to charm us fans who are now adults, and possibly a new generation.

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