Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DVD Evaders... 3 Firsts: Firstborn (1984), First Love (1977) & The First Time (1983)

A batch of Firsts this time. All wondering when they are getting their first shot to DVD, and to be saved from obscurity forever.

1984's BORN plays the balances of teen coming of age picture with some serious issues (namely Domestic abuse and Drug Dealing) and while some of it doesn't gel, there's an undeniable watchability there. I think most of that can be contributed to Michael Apted's sincere direction and the great cast. There's Teri Garr, Peter Weller, Corey Haim, Sarah Jessica Parker and Christopher Collet as the titular character. Even Robert Downey Jr. pops up in a supporting role.

1977's LOVE was also released by Paramount and is partly a coming of age story, but manages to capture it's romantic story in a really timeless way. Stars William Katt and Susan Dey have great chemistry. FIRST LOVE isn't anything more than a story of just that, but it's done very well and you find yourself really caring for it's characters by the time the credits roll.

THE FIRST TIME was released back in the hey day of the teen sex comedy in 1983 and I count it as one of my very favorites of that era. Sadly it was given a poor release and sort of got swept under the 80's comedy carpet, but those who discover it are in for a real treat.

TIME was made by Charlie Loventhal (a protege of Brian De Palma--who also served as a creative consultant of the film) and while it's caught up in all it's zany teen sex glory, there's a playful quality about the film that shows those behind the wheel have a real love for their medium. There are fun stabs at film school projects and Wallace Shawn and Robert Trebor give very funny performances as the pretentious film teacher and film student respectively. See it!

TV Spot for Firstborn can be found here:
Firstborn TV Spot
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