Friday, June 12, 2009

A Celebration Of 80's Movie Musicals

The 80's were essentially the final decade for the once force-to-be-reckoned-with Movie Musical before they disappeared almost entirely until the recent spat of insipid High School Musical films. Ironically, those Films were made by the choreographer Kenny Ortega who had a hand with a couple of memorable dance oriented Pictures back in the 80s-- DIRTY DANCING being the most recognizable as it was the biggest hit of any Film mentioned here. Since trends were ever-evolving in the 80's, the Movie Nusical would go through a melting pot of change, some say for the worse, I say it was a last blast of fun.

As the years would progress in The Eighties, each Movie Musical would change right with it. Notably the early days of rap & hip-hop having the most influence on what would hit the screens as it was hitting the streets (while the Footloose kids were Dancing In The Sheets) I would count these as my favorites:


1980 got the movie musical off to a great start with these 2 films. One, a truly memorable teenage picture (which has spawned a TV show in the 80's, a failed reality series and a remake this Year) the other a great film of a music legend that transcended the bio film (meaning that unlike most bio films, it didn't suck)
Another 2 from '80...

Say what you will, I LOVE me some Grease 2.




2 Animated Musical treats!

"Dance, Ballerina!"

Documentaries & What not

After all that musical goodness, I still managed to leave out a bunch of notable music movies. AMADEUS (1984), LA BAMBA (1987), SMITHEREENS (1982) anyone? How's about the not-as-classic but still worth the mention: THE BLANK GENERATION (1980), BODY ROCK (1984), BREAKIN' (1984), EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS (1983) and maybe THE IN CROWD (1988)... I was never a fan of these films, but they had they had their time... THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS (1982), CROSSROADS (1986), HARD TO HOLD (1984), THE LITTLE MERMAID (1989), STARSTRUCK (1982) and TAP (1989).

And lasty... these musical movies, for different reasons, traumatized me greatly: ANNIE (1982), THE APPLE (1980), CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC (1980), FAST FORWARD (1985), THE JAZZ SINGER (1980) and YENTL (1983) ... Oh how I shiver still from their memory! To recover, I must now leave you to skate away and drift off to sleep.. Hopefully i'll meet up with this chick named Kira and we'll end up here:


Tower Farm said...

Nice trip down memory lane...

Gotta say, most musicals make me cringe, but I LOVE "Victor/Victoria" -- great movie, great cast.

And I'm right there with you on the trauma of having to sit through "Annie."


The Warfreak said...

I love Forbidden Zone.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Oh, man--I must have watched ROCK N'RULE thousands of times back in the day when it was showing regularly on Showtime! Didn't it come out on DVD a few years back? Need to add it to my collection.

And I admit a rather incongruous love for EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS. I can't explain it, even now.

Tommy Salami said...

Wow, great collection! You'd also like the 1982 Aussie flick Starstruck. It's a great new wave musical.

laura linger said...

Love this so much. Hey, I love Grease 2 too, even though I have snarked aplenty about it over on my blog in the past. And you remembered Honeysuckle Rose! I LOVE that movie.

I'm going to be doing a tribute to the horror that is 1980's ONE TRICK PONY. Wanna do a joint post about it? Lemme know.

Cinema Du Meep said...


Annie was something I was always forced to sit through because of my younger sister. Which is fine, but, it's Annie... Oh and we had first seen it when it came out in '82 at Radio City musical hall. Then there's the scene where they go to Radio City. Totally blew my mind.

WARFREAK-- Say it loud. Say it proud!

VICAR-- EDDIE was always a guilty pleasure. EDDIE II was as well.

TOMMY-- Why did I leave that one out. I did like it back in the day. Thanks for the reminder!

LAURA-- I've actually never seen ONE TRICK and i'm kind of embarrassed. Now I need to check it out!

Sounds like it's totally worth a double trouble post! Great idea!

jessejames5862 said...

Am looking for a musical from the 80's. Cannot for the life of me remember what it is called. It is something about a spaceship landing on earth or just the beings that look human and one falls in love with a human woman. Of course you have your classic jerk to stand in the way. If this sounds familiar to anyone PLEASE let me know @ jesse.james5862@yahoo I have been looking for years with little to go on but a vague memory lmao!

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