Monday, May 25, 2009

War = Hell: 10 favorite war related movie shows

Happy Memorial Day! Wait, war is hell. There's nothing to be happy about. But wait, there's quite a few good films that are war related that have been released over the years. Granted, I'm not a big fan of war films in general, but regardless I can't ignore the provocative stories that have been told, born out of the conflicts of past. Here is a list of my 10 favorite films each with stories that are directly about war or are somehow centered around it. I dedicate this list to the soldiers who bravely fought, and to the families of those who have lost someone. I'm also really looking forward to Kathryn Bigelow's latest, to be released pretty soon here in the US:


Mona Mozano said...

I've only seen one, but The Deer Hunter is soul-wrenching. What about The Thin Red Line?

The Warfreak said...

You always have such great lists.

Mine would be like this:

1. Apocalypse Now
2. A Bridge too Far
3. The Thin Red Line
4. The Deer Hunter
5. The Big Red One
6. Bridge on the River Kwai
7. Downfall
8. Paths of Glory
9. Das Boot
10. Battle of Britain

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting Southern Comfort on there, great film!!


The Vicar of VHS said...

For some reason I've never been a big war-movie fan, but these are some great posters.

Is it just me, or does the SOUTHERN COMFORT sheet have a definite LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK vibe goin' on? :)

The Vicar of VHS said...

Oh--meant to add that if I had to pick a fave war movie, it'd be Kubrick's PATHS OF GLORY, which is freakin' DEVASTATING.

FilmFather said...

Southern Comfort freaked me the hell out as a kid. A bit slow at times, but highly underrated.

What those Cajun rednecks did to those National Guardsmen was nightmarish...not to mention what the last two Guardsmen do to the Cajuns at the end of the movie.

And the shooting, bleeding, and gutting of the pig during the climax was just icing on the traumatic cake.

Amanda By Night said...

Confession: Although I have seen a couple of these, I really can't watch war movies. Even if it's after war, or has very little fighting. I can't seperate myself from the reality of it. I know I would never make it through something like Apocalypse Now.

I did see Soldier of Orange, and I remember liking it, but DO NOT want to revisit! :)

Do you hate me?

Cinema Du Meep said...

I do really like Apocalypse Now, Paths Of Glory, Barry Lyndon, Das Boot, The Thin Red Line and a few others. I just had to go with my gut favorites.

It totally does have that boggy creek feel. Good call!

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