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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DVD Evaders: Seven Minutes In Heaven (1985)

The lesser known mid-80's teen comedy SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN boasts great and honest performances by it's 3 young leads and really captures adolescence in all it's awkward glory. It's kind of a shame this movie never really got much of a release (It was released on only 6 screens) but those who remember it from home video & cable really love it--I myself am a big fan. Now with Jennifer Connelly as a selling point, there really is no excuse why Warner Brothers is continuing to overlook this gem of a movie. HEAVEN at 80'S movies Rewind: Seven Minutes In Heaven HEAVEN TV Spot: Seven Minutes In Heaven Trailer And since I can't find a theatrical poster for it anywhere, here are some promo flyers from Japn for the movie's release (The Japanese had a thing for a younger Connelly)


Amanda By Night said...


I have it on vhs somewhere, but haven't seen it in years. It was one of those films that shows up on cable and you just start watching it out of laziness and then you're all, "Wow, this is really good!"

I loved that blonde girl. She was George C. Scott's daughter on Mr. President.

PIPER said...

I don't know that I have ever seen this. But I will say that I miss Jennifer Connelly's breasts. Ever since she won an Oscar, they've disappeared.

MICHAEL said...

It's a trade off. Get yourself an oscar, lose what helped get your fans in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Meep, this is one of my favorite teen comidies of all time. Although it was on the wholesome and innocent side, it is always a very fun watch. I just watched my VHS copy about a month ago. I myself have wondered why someone such as Anchor Bay hasn't released this on DVD? I guess they feel there isn't enough tits or sex to warrant a release. I am sure we are not the only geeks that would throw down 20 bones to own a nice copy!!

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