Thursday, March 12, 2009

DVD Evaders: Little Darlings (1980)

Week #4... Why the hell is Little Darlings still not on DVD? I don't know anyone who doesn't just absolutely love this movie.

With the late 90's & this decades never ending offerings of teen sex comedies from a male point of view, isn't it about time the ladies from the early 80's get a chance to shine? Wacky fact: LITTLE DARLINGS was directed by the guy who went on to make GETTYSBURG & GODS AND GENERALS. Maybe Civil war lovin' dudes really like teenage girl sex comedies?


Amanda By Night said...

My good friend and co-worker goes NUTS for Little Darlings. I haven't seen it since I was 10. I remember thinking Armand Assante was REALLY hairy and scared me! I'm sure now I'd feel differently!

Keith said...

I haven't seen this movie in years. I would love to see it again. I wish it was on DVD.

You've got a really cool blog. I like it. I'll definitely have to visit it more from now on. Cheers!

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