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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DVD Evaders: The Jill Schoelen Edition

Week #5 finds Cinema Du Meep still enamored with Jill Schoelen. In my cinema travels, I have encountered many fans of Ms. Schoelen, so I am completely baffled as to why the following films of hers have not been released on DVD: And while they are at it, these 2 have been out of print on DVD for far too long... And then there's the travesty of the lack of TV-Movies unavailable on dvd. Some of Jill's TV adventures include: CHILLER (1985), BEST OF TIMES (1981), GREAT DAY (1983) and BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB (1987) Until then, we'll have to tide ourselves over with these fine Schoelen featured films, ALL CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ON DVD: CURSE II: THE BITE (1989) CUTTING CLASS (1989) HOT MOVES (1985) THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1989) SHATTERED SPIRITS (1986) STATE OF MIND (1992) THAT WAS THEN...THIS IS NOW (1985) THERE GOES MY BABY (1994)


Keith said...

I always liked her back in the 80's. Whatever happened to her? I'll have to try to check out some of those movies that are on DVD. I do wish they would release some of those others. I really enjoyed them.

Amanda By Night said...

You're kidding me?!? The Stepfather isn't on DVD? How crazy is that!

She's by far my favorite "Scream Queen." So talented and beautiful and she gave some depth to the most cardboard of characters (Curse 2, anyone?).

I miss her too. I know she's moved on and stared a family, but we need her!

Gore-Gore Girl said...

I have only seen The Stepfather, which you can get on ebay on dvd. A great movie, and a brilliant performance from Schoelen (and everyone else involved). Considered by many to be the only truly feminist slasher flick.

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