Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Retro Music: Duran Duran's The Chauffeur (1983)

Sit back and watch one of the best music videos to come out of the most innovative decade for the format. Duran Duran did it like no one else's business back in the day. Enjoy.


Amanda By Night said...

Fuck. This video is amazing. I think Save a Prayer may be my favorite though. No wait, Nightboat! A tribute to all things Fulci in that one. Have you seen it?

btw, when the video collection with this and Girls on Film first came out, my dad rented it for me and asked me why it was rated R and I told him it was because there were naked girls in. And he just said, "Well, you're a girl and you've seen yourself naked, so I guess it's OK."

I loved my father SO much!

So awesome. Thanks for posting this. I'm still one of their biggest fans!

I Dream of Vampires said...

I agree with Amanda By Night (partially). The Night Boat is tied with The Chauffeur for my top DD video. And, yes, I also had that compilation (on Betamax, mind you). I used to endlessly recite that soliloquy from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream or Romeo and Juliet that Simon mumbles under his breath in The Night Boat because I thought I was artsy and cool - JUST like Simon The Bomb. Thanks for the memories Meep!

Meep Parker said...

Simon The Bomb! That should be a total catchphrase.

Maria Maria said...

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