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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sooner Or Later (1979)

Having been Directed by Bruce Hart (his sole directorial credit) and written by himself and his wife Carole (both responsible for writing the original Sesame Street series on PBS!) You wouldn't think the Television movie SOONER OR LATER would be more than a standard issue Teen coming of age movie of the week. Instead what you might find is an unflinching and personal look inside of this girls' world and her first love with someone a lot older than herself. The movie dares not to moralize this situation and is rather sympathetic to her plight.

A lot of us felt we were more mature than we actually were in those awkward teenage years, and to find a movie that captures that so well is pretty rare. Plus, as a bonus gift, you get the cheesy yet catchy music stylings of the time. And for the ladies, music heartthrob Rex Smith sporting some of the tightest fitting clothing ever produced in the 1970s. And did he ever button his shirt up?


Amanda By Night said...

I Love Sooner or Later. I agree, it's very well done and really captures that "feeling" of teen-dom in a way few films really ever have.

And Rex Smith - fuggedaboudit! Hawt!

Oh, I wrote a reveiw of this too! Here's my shameless self-promotion link:


Meep Parker said...

Excellent Review, Amanda! I feel the same exact way about this film. It's kind of surprising, and something that probably wouldn't be duplicated because our culture is oh-so-cynical these days.

jm-kaye said...

I could kill my parents for not letting me watch more TV in 1979. How the hell did I miss this?

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